Discover user accounts that have local administrative rights

Cyber attackers frequently target machines with local administrative rights in order to gain privileged access to an organization’s IT network. Privileged accounts, including user accounts with local administrative rights, are the pathway to a company’s most valuable data and are therefore compromised in the majority of advanced and internal attacks.

CyberArk’s Discovery & Audit™ is a patent-pending, standalone, easy to use tool that discovers who has local administrator rights in your environment. In addition to discovering local administrator rights, this non-intrusive tool provides a complete list of all privileged accounts on the network, privileged credentials including passwords and SSH keys, the credential status (strength, age, etc), and machines vulnerable to Pass-the-Hash attacks.

CyberArk Discover & Audit helps to answer questions such as:

  • Which user accounts have local administrative privileges?
  • On which network servers do privileged accounts exist?
  • Which privileged accounts are not in compliance with company policy? (i.e. password has not been changed in over 60 days)
  • Which machines and accounts on the network can be accessed using SSH Keys, and from where?
  • How many and which machines on the network are vulnerable to Pass-the-Hash attacks?

Take the first step toward securing your privileged account environment.
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