Discover privileged accounts and security vulnerabilities with CyberArk DNA™

Managing and securing privileged accounts begins with locating all accounts and understanding the security risks and vulnerabilities associated with each account. CyberArk’s Discovery & Audit (CyberArk DNA™) is a patent-pending, standalone, easy to use tool that exposes the magnitude of the privileged account security challenge. This fast, non-intrusive scan provides a complete list of all privileged accounts on the network, a status report on the associated passwords as well as identifies machines vulnerable to attacks such as Pass-the-Hash.

It can answer questions such as:

  • On which network servers do privileged accounts exist?
  • Which accounts have escalated privileges?
  • Which privileged accounts are not in compliance with company policy? (i.e. password has not been changed in over 60 days)
  • How many and which machines on the network are vulnerable to Pass-the-Hash attacks?
  • How can an attack be carried out in my organization?

3 reasons to try CyberArk DNA™ today:

  1. Discover where privileged accounts and vulnerabilities exist in order to clearly assess security risks
  2. Save valuable audit preparation time and cost by collecting reliable and comprehensive information
  3. Accurately plan budget and resources needed for solving the privileged account problem