Discovery & Audit (DNA™) Features | Products

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple to use, non-intrusive scanning tool: A straightforward three-step process scans an entire directory for privileged, shared and generic accounts on workstations and servers without the need to install anything on the network.
  • Graphical presentation of results:  An Executive Summary Dashboard presents a clear, concise view of privileged account risk and compliance status. 
  • Pass-the-Hash vulnerability map: A clear diagram of network machines storing privileged password hashes illustrates how an attacker can leverage the Pass-the-Hash attack to travel the network and reach a target machine.
  • Detailed reporting and flagging: A detailed report provides a ‘single version of the truth’ about all existing privileged accounts and Pass-the-Hash vulnerabilities and the status of each and every account.  The report flags and alerts on audit findings that indicate a problem, such as mismanaged privileged accounts, and Pass-the-Hash vulnerabilities.
  • Powerful scanning with minimal performance impact: A multi-threaded application design expedites scanning, consuming low network bandwidth and using insignificant network and CPU resources on the Active Directory Domain Controllers and target machines. All scans are performed in read-only mode, without changing anything in the environment.

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