Privileged Session Manager® for Databases Features | Products

Features & Benefits

  • Isolate & Protect Critical Databases: PSM's proxy architecture directs all session connections to target databases via the PSM server and using RDP initiates the privileged session. As a result, planting malware from DBA endpoints becomes very difficult.
  • Gain contextual insight to easily understand what is happening in a privileged session: Connect to live privileged database sessions to monitor what is happening in real-time and intervene with the session or terminate if necessary. For forensic analysis and auditing proof, PSM can record any activity that occurs in a privileged database session creating a highly compressed and searchable DVR recording. All recordings are stored in the tamper-proof Digital Vault Server and can be accessible for audits and reporting.
  • Quicker Search & Analysis: Easily search for privileged SQL commands within recordings and click to play from that 'point in time'.
  • Privileged Single Sign-On: Log on to the Privileged Session Management portal using 2-factor authentication without the need to deploy a complex SSO solution.
  • Secure Remote Access: PSM allows browser based access to databases. The network traffic is sent over the HTTPS protocol which enables remote and cross-network access without the need to open the corporate firewall to native protocols such as Oracle’s SQL*Net protocol.
  • Distributed and Highly Scalable Architecture allows for easy installation and location of multiple PSM servers on different network segments in a single product instance with centralized audit, control and user management.
  • Integrates with leading enterprise systems including ticketing systems, SIEM, enterprise directories, and more for more comprehensive audit insights and efficient process workflows.
  • Unified Audit View: PSM provides a centralized and complete audit view starting from who initiated the session and when, ending with a complete trace of all activities performed in the session.
  • Faster deployment with no performance overhead. PSM can be transparently deployed without the need to install any agents on the database servers or change the network security architecture.
  • Control and monitor access to database hosts using PSM for Servers.
  • Unique benefits when integrated with CyberArk’s Privileged Identity Management:
    • Manage database system accounts and DBA shared accounts with Enterprise Password Vault® to personalize DBA access and attain full accountability.
    • Eliminate database application credentials in applications and scripts with Application Identity Manager™.
    • Manage access to the Unix/Linux database host users and data files with On-Demand Privileges Manager™.