CyberArk University

CyberArk offers classroom and online courses throughout the year. The 2015 course offerings include:

Privileged Account Security Implementation Essentials
The Privileged Account Security (PAS) Implementation Essentials course covers CyberArk’s Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) and Privileged Session Management (PSM) solutions. CyberArk administrators or ‘Vault Admins’ gain extensive hands-on experience in configuring each EPV/PSM component, using our step-by-step exercise guide and dedicated lab environment. Please see the classroom agenda and on-line agenda for further details.

PAS Operations and Maintenance
For Vault Administrators who manage existing PAS environments, the Operations and Maintenance course provides the participant with a technical introduction to the PAS solution. The course includes discussions of the PAS architecture, software concepts, administration, on boarding, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Please see the agenda for further details.

Advanced Enterprise Password Vault
The Advanced Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) class builds upon the “Implementation Essentials” class.
Students will:

  • Enhance their knowledge of Fault Tolerance by installing an HA vault and redundant CPM and PVWA components
  • Learn about HSM integration and changing vault keys.
  • Review more advanced password management workflows including ticketing integrations, custom plug-ins, and managing service accounts.
  • Learn advanced troubleshooting techniques, performance tuning, and other best practices.

Advanced Privileged Session Management
The ‘Advanced PSM’ course covers enterprise implementation methods and advanced components of the PSM product suite. Topics include enterprise deployment, load balancing, Universal Connector and SSH Proxy.

Application Identity Manager
In this course users will learn how to secure application account passwords and remove hard-coded credentials using CyberArk’s Application Identity Manager (AIM).

Topics will include:

  • Password provider installation and configuration
  • Querying the vault using the SDK
  • Enterprise deployment
  • Application authentication
  • Application Server Credential Provider
  • Central Credential Provider

Sensitive Information Management Implementation Essentials
CyberArk’s Sensitive Information Management Solution (SIM) is a single-platform solution for all file sharing needs across the enterprise including user-to-user, automated server-to-server, or on-demand processes. The SIM Implementation Essentials course details CyberArk’s SIM solution and provides SIM administrators with extensive hands-on experience in configuring and deploying each SIM component. Please see the class agenda for additional details.

Version 8.5 Overview and Upgrade
This course will teach existing version 7.x customers how to perform the v7.2.x to v8.5 upgrade and to how work with concepts, such as Master Policy and platforms, introduced in the new version. All attendees will have the opportunity to run the v8.5 assessment report, resolve conflicts, upgrade a 7.2.11 environment to version 8.5, and manage passwords using Master Policy, platforms and exceptions.

Below are the upcoming United States course offerings. United Kingdom course offerings are also available.

MonthCourse# of DaysDatesLocationStatus
NovemberPAS Implementation Essentials411/3 - 11/6OnlineWaiting List
NovemberPAS Implementation Essentials411/17 - 11/20OnlineWaiting List
DecemberPAS Implementation Essentials412/1 - 12/4OnlineWaiting List
DecemberAdvanced Enterprise Password Vault312/7 - 12/9OnlineWaiting List
DecemberAdvanced Privileged Session Manager212/10 - 12/11OnlineOpen
DecemberPAS Implementation Essentials412/15 - 12/18OnlineWaiting List
January (2016)PAS Operations and Maintenance21/6 - 1/7OnlineOpen
January (2016)PAS Implementation Essentials41/19 - 1/22OnlineOpen
February (2016)PAS Implementation Essentials42/2 - 2/5Boston AreaOpen

A range of training courses are also available in EMEA and Asia Pacific. To register for a scheduled CyberArk University session or discuss other training options, please contact your CyberArk sales representative or e-mail us.