Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Ensure that access to key customer data is protected, controlled and auditable.

Protecting customer data and PCI DSS compliance are important priorities for many industries including retailers, financial institutions, data processors and service providers whose databases are full of personal information and financial data, making them particularly vulnerable to cyber security attacks. A data leak exposing transactional data could have a lasting negative impact on customer loyalty and retention, and threaten an enterprise’s financial well-being. With the proliferation of online commerce, the challenge of protecting consumers’ personal and credit card information has never been greater or more important.

CyberArk addresses these concerns with data security and IT compliance solutions that can easily, efficiently and with the least amount of business impact ensure that access to key customer data is protected, controlled and auditable without creating additional steps or risks.

Key Benefits:
  • Minimize risks associated with uncontrolled access to systems that contain cardholder data.
  • Create accountability and visibility on usage of privileged credentials.
  • Increase workforce productivity around managing and accessing privileged accounts 

CyberArk’s solutions have been reviewed by certified PCI-DSS Quality Security Assessors (QSAs) and found to support 8 of the 12 PCI-DSS requirements.

CyberArk’s solutions:

  • Provide end to end security implementing multiple layers of protection and encryption. 
  • Meet all "Visa Best Practices" for Data Field Encryption.
  • Comprehensive automated management of privileged identities and hard-coded application accounts.
  • Secure password management that flexibly adapts to any business process including dual control and segregation of duties, a core requirement in PCI-DSS compliance. 
  • Strong audit and session monitoring capabilities for tracking privileged activity.
  • Secure data at rest or in transit.