Ensure that all files move within and beyond the organization in the most secure manner.

Sharing files confidentially and securely is critical for enterprises across the globe. Financial transactions, exchanging medical records, operating a supply chain and other mission-critical applications all must be performed flawlessly with the highest level of security and integrity. As more business applications rely on secure file transfer with customers, vendors and partners, management of such operations is becoming more challenging. CyberArk delivers the benefits of secure managed file transfer capabilities in one centralized, highly secure platform. The solution enables enterprises to quickly and securely connect customers and partners. With CyberArk’s patented Digital Vault Technology, enterprises can benefit from rapid deployment with full auditing, security and extensive connectivity without compromising internal network security. CyberArk’s Sensitive Information Management Solution enables rapid deployment across large numbers of customers and partners. By dramatically reducing the complexity of connecting external businesses to the enterprise without compromising the internal network, enterprises can realize an immediate cost reduction even in very large, multi-partner environments. Key Benefits:

  • Ease-of-integration with existing enterprise infrastructure and legacy systems, which reduces operational costs and minimizes IT overhead. Isolate sensitive files to ensure they are protected at all times, so that only those with the right privileges can access the files.
  • Ensure sensitive data remains confidential, and providing full logging and auditing for regulatory compliance.
  • Unmatched level of security ensuring non-repudiation, authenticity and privacy as well as logging and auditing for regulatory compliance such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI and Basel II, in order to be able to track and audit who accessed which sensitive information and when.
  • Full and up to date session monitoring on all activity to confirm secure file transfer to their destinations.
  • Available through a “software as a service” (SAAS) model so that enterprises can reduce administrative overhead and get up and running quickly. Enjoy all the benefits of a cloud delivery model.
With CyberArk’s Sensitive Information Management Solution, we were able to quickly automate manual processes for exchanging highly sensitive data.