Critical Infrastructure – A High Value Target to Cyber Attackers

Organizations that deliver critical infrastructure such as energy and water utilities, oil and gas companies, transportation authorities and others spend tremendous resources building defenses for securing their critical assets, assuring reliability, business continuity and meeting compliance requirements.

Unfortunately, as these organizations integrate more commercial technology and systems into their Operational Technology (OT) environments (e.g. SCADA, Industrial Control Systems, etc.), more risks are introduced. Adding to the risk is the growing need for Industrial Control Systems originated data.

Lack of privileged account management on Industrial Control Systems puts critical infrastructure at even greater risk. Combine this with the need for increased network connectivity between the IT & OT environments, remote access and stricter compliance requirements which call for new security considerations, providing cyber security and IT compliance for industrial control systems is more important than ever. CyberArk’s solutions specifically address this requirement, protecting the heart of the critical infrastructure which the world relies on every second of every day.

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