Secure, manage and track all privileged account access and activities.

Recent events demonstrate the vulnerability of SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) commonly found within energy utilities, oil and gas companies and across other verticals. In some of these events, ICS systems have been subject to attack due to the weak and default privileged accounts often set on these systems. In many cases administrator accounts are shared between multiple employees and contractors. This creates a lack of accountability on their usage.

The typical operational environment is comprised of hundreds or thousands of devices, servers, databases, desktops, SCADA RTUs, PLCs and IEDs, network devices and applications, all controlled and managed by a variety of privileged and shared administrative identities which are the most powerful identities in the enterprise.

Unfortunately, the security, control and auditability of these privileged identities are often neglected, their usage is difficult to monitor, and changing the passwords on a periodic basis is often hard to manage. In some cases these identities are required not only by the internal IT/OT personnel but also by external third-party vendors. They demand extra attention including secure remote access without exposing the credentials.

CyberArk’s Privileged Account Security Solution provides the industry’s best privileged account management solution to secure, manage and track privileged account access and activities associated with management of critical operational environments.