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April 9, 2015 | DevOps | Andrew Racine


As part of our guest blogging series we recently had the pleasure of speaking with James Smith and Steve Thair from  James (the Dev Guy) and Steve (the Ops Guy) have a super-active blog that features fantastic DevOps related content. We sat down with them and asked 3 DevOps realted questions which have been transcribed below.  Enjoy!

1) Tell us a little about and how you got started in the industry and the blog?

In 2013 Steve and I realised that joining the Forces of developers and operators was the solution to the emerging problems in contemporary software development

DevOpsGuys is a response to a gap in the market. Cloud computing technology is developing at breakneck speed and through streamlined, integrated efficiency, DevOpsGuys ensure every stage of a business’ online development is run by a single team of experts working closely, sharing skills, and keeping up with the latest industry developments.  For us, DevOps is a philosophy rather than a process. Coming respectively from a development and an operations background it became obvious that both of our roles essentially focused around achieving the same end goal, so rather than passing tasks and problems back and forth between us, it seemed far more productive to work together to make sure the job in its entirety was complete.

A consolidated approach to application delivery and managed operations is vital for businesses to optimise online applications stay ahead of digital advances, and, more importantly, their competitors.

We exist to make life simpler and to optimise every system, application and process. Not every business can do this internally, so our job is to simplify the web management side of a business while you focus on adding value to your business.


One of the key principals of DevOps is sharing. We’re open and transparent about everything that we do and we really want to see the digital marketplace thriving. The Blog is essentially our way of sharing our knowledge, thoughts, and experiences with the world. It’s a co-operative affair; we love sharing other people’s work and ideas, too, and we often feature guest blogs and review relevant articles where we can.

We currently offer three services: a DevOps Maturity Assessment, a Managed Operations service and an Application Delivery service. We’ve just set up HQ in Cardiff and have received support from the Welsh Government to develop the IT sector in this part of the UK

 2) What is the biggest myth about DevOps that you routinely see communicated today?

Probably that DevOps is a system or a process that once you’ve ‘done it’ your business will be transformed and you can carry on again as normal.  DevOps is a cultural shift as well as a technological one, so for someone it could be a lengthy transition; eliminating internal silos, changing the way departments share data and information as well as implementing new software, systems and processes. But for everyone it’s an ongoing strategy that you adopt and use and update all the time.

3) For a company who does not currently have a DevOps culture, what is the single most important thing they should do within their organization before embarking on the journey?

Establishing goals.  If you don’t know where you want to be you can’t get there, but you also need to know where you’re starting: taking a DevOps maturity assessment is the only way to understand where you are now, how much work you have to do and what that work is. From there you can begin to plan your journey from A to B and meet your goals. The best advice we’ve seen is Jesse Robbins’ presentation on culture. Check it out.

Thanks again for the time James and Steve! We look forward to more great DevOps content from you guys.





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