ESG: Validating Privileged Account Security While Validating CyberArk


May 20, 2014 | Uncategorized | CyberArk

We’ve been working with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) for many years and were excited to run our Privileged Account Security Solution through their ESG Lab Validation process. If you’re not familiar, the purpose of the Validation is to cut through the marketing surrounding products and really determine strengths and weaknesses.

ESG Lab engineers measure performance, scalability, reliability, usability, and more. Our Validation was led by Vinny Choinski, senior lab analyst.

According to the report, CyberArk’s solution strengthens the security process for privileged accounts and the assets they protect, while keeping the environment flexible, agile and easy to use.

While we were thrilled with how our product performed in the hands-on testing, we are also excited to see their experts highlight the significance of privileged account security. According to the report:

  • Privileged account management must be at the top of every IT professional’s list if they want to protect their organization from becoming the victim of the next headline-grabbing advanced attack.
  • Cyber-attacks like advanced persistent threats take advantage of informal processes, weak security controls, and monitoring limitations to target administrator accounts, compromise their systems, and gain access to valuable IT assets.
  • Organizations are beginning to understand that securing privileged accounts is essential because they protect the most valuable assets of the enterprise; ESG research indicates that large organizations are taking more steps to bolster the security and oversight of privileged accounts.

Good advice from some smart, industry veterans.




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