Everyone’s Using Docker, Now It’s Time to Secure It


November 11, 2015 | DevOps | joanna mastrocola


Docker seems to be gaining some much deserved momentum lately. According to studies conducted by Datadog, Docker adoption is more common among large firms, despite the common assumption that large enterprises are typically the slowest to adopt new technologies.

It seems fitting, however, that bigger organizations are quickly adopting this technology as they move to hybrid cloud environments and continuous delivery workflows.

Security Solution for Docker ContainersAdoption seems to be exploding, especially since the last couple of years Docker has had virtually no real position in the market. Of the 7,000 companies Datadog studied, 8.3% had adopted Docker, an almost 5x increase from the last year’s 1.8%. Of the hosts monitored by Datadog, Docker runs on 6%. Companies are clearly liking this new wave of container technology and these numbers will only increase in the coming months.

Docker seems to have their customer delight down to a science. Most people who try Docker end up using it, becoming customers within 30-60 days of starting their trail. For these new customers, the number of containers they have triple between their first and sixth month of use.

Typically, hosts will run 4 Docker containers at a time, each container having a lifespan of about 3 days. This is interesting because although Docker is used to providing a “knowable, versioned runtime environment”: it is also regularly used to allocate compute resources.

This is great news for Docker and other enterprises that want to package applications for development. As adoption of Docker is quickly increasing so will the need for a complete security solution for docker containers. Conjur’s Dynamic Traffic Authorization platform provides security to Docker containers by giving each container a unique identity.

The containers will also  have a unique set of access controls. In order to prevent high-risk credentials from being passed, a temporary token is granted to inbound traffic. With Conjur, containers are able to filter inbound and outbound traffic. A complete audit of all static and ephemeral services makes it easy to see everything going on in your containers’ environment.

Of course, the purpose of using a tool like Docker is to keep your continuous delivery agile. Conjur allows development, operations, security, and compliance teams to move at speed while still being safely managed and monitored.





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