Introducing and Explaining Conjur


July 28, 2014 | DevOps | Kevin O'Brien


DevOps and Compliance: Introducing Conjur

Over the past two months, Conjur has seen a tremendous uptick in the number of devops and compliance users who are exploring the platform’s potential and upgrading their authz strategies within their cloud infrastructure. We couldn’t be more excited — and we are incredibly proud to have teams like Netflix working with us, changing the face of authorization as a service.


Conjur is sometimes described as the “Active Directory for the cloud” owing to its simple and robust user, group, and layer permissioning system. As more teams and devops experts start using Conjur, we wanted to offer an easy to way to explain what we do — and so, we’ve created this quick video, describing some of Conjur’s abilities and uses.

Ready to explore Conjur yourself? Great! Just click the button above and we’ll get you started. If you have any questions, drop us a line at [email protected]!




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