Machine Intelligence – The New “Big Data”


December 30, 2014 | DevOps | Kevin O'Brien


Big data has been an incredibly hot topic over the past few years, with a rise in both the number and types of environments in which analytics run. With that trend has come an increasing shift of computational resource and data custody to the cloud; from genomic analysis (as Conjur customer GNS Healthcare does in the cloud) to machine learning (as Tamr provides), the adoption of big data analytics in the cloud brings with it a number of new considerations, including privileged identity and access management and security.

Shivon Zilis thinks the next one will be “machine intelligence”. Zilis is an investor at Bloomberg Beta, and some of her work on the the Machine Intelligence Landscape was recently published in Forbes.


Conjur is excited to be featured on this list, and are even more excited that our space, of security / authentication (and we’d like to add authorization) is marked as one of the transformative areas for this emerging space. Forbes contributor Anthony Wing Kosner picked up Zilis’s article, connecting it with the automation landscape of current offerings and their use in production environments.

The evolution of cloud and the intersections between its usage and data analysis, identity, and security is an incredible place to be. Over the course of 2015, we will see both tremendous innovation and significant new challenges; we believe strongly that the ways in which both will be addressed will require new solutions that are themselves cloud native and platform agnostic.

Conjur is changing the privileged identity management (PIM) and cloud workload security markets, and doing so in a way that’s fundamentally aligned with both security and DevOps teams and their cultures. If you’re on board, we would love to tell you how and why we’re different.

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