Netflix Selects Conjur for Cloud Native Authz


July 14, 2014 | DevOps |


Netflix Infrastructure Team Selects Conjur

We are tremendously excited to announce thatthe Netflix infrastructure team has selected Conjur for use as their cloud-native authorization (authz) as a service provider, part of a broader initiative around their aggressive “10x plan” to shift their entire operational IT infrastructure to the public cloud.

Netflix is an amazing company to work with. Well regarded within the technology world for their (now famous) culture deck, their belief in the principles of freedom and accountability described within it has been evident from our first conversations.

Of equal importance is their foundational understanding of the role of technology (including Conjur), which informs how they see the architectural and technical decisions regarding the design and implementation of what we see as the “new public cloud stack”.

As Mike Kail, who heads up IT Operations for Netflix, describes it in the case study, Conjur supports the “rapid adoption of seamless Ops and Development technologies, the kind that do not disrupt the workflows of your people but instead help them be more innovative and move faster, is achievable today. “


We could not have described more succinctly or accurately what we think authz for the cloud means. Mike and Netflix have an awareness of innovation at speed and how IT enables it; this is an idea we embrace at Conjur at all levels.

Earlier this month, over the Fourth of July holiday, Elizabeth sent around a note to the team that articulated this succinctly:

“There is a revolution underway. Cloud, mobility, the ideas of DevOps: we are part of an industry in the midst of change.

What that means is that there are a lot of very smart people in technology roles struggling with the infrastructure that surrounds them. Pushed by the desire for innovation, they are looking for ways to grow their businesses and empower their teams, meet greater challenges, and do it all while minimizing business risk.

These are our customers and peers. They understand, natively, that “failure is not an option”. That is why we are here; Conjur exists to provide a safe environment for people to build innovative products, disrupt the industries in which they operate, embrace the cloud, and remain competitive.

Most people don’t know what the other side of this revolution looks like, yet. Our mission, through our product, culture, and actions, is to show them.”

So, how about you? Are you building a “new cloud stack”, and driving innovation at your organization? Do you have a cloud-first mandate?





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