Releasing Grip on Emails Could Boost Productivity in Public Sector


February 11, 2011 | Uncategorized | CyberArk

by Josh Arrington

Inboxes can always be difficult to manage – filing message after message, flagging and categorising – but many organisations are still really struggling to deal with large attachments, often finding that they clog up email exchanges and slow staff down.

Indeed, Virgin Media Business has just conducted some research* and found that 69 percent of public sector workers in the UK cannot send or receive emails larger than 10 MB in size, and 89 percent are unable to send or receive emails in excess of 15 MB. Clearly these limitations can be hugely inhibiting for staff – preventing them from sharing large files and getting the most out of the resources at hand.

Such restrictions are clearly out of date, with more information than ever flowing between staff and companies, most often via email. In order to enhance productivity, organisations should be looking at ways to enable staff to share large files in a quick, simple and secure way. For example, with a secure file transfer solution that takes sensitive documents out of the email exchange – delivering access to the files through a secure link – employees can enjoy a far quicker and less congested inbox.

With this clear benefit, workers stop seeing security processes as a hindrance to their performance, but rather as an enabler to better business practices.

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