Automation Anywhere

The integration between CyberArk and Automation Anywhere Enterprise gives clients the ability to securely retrieve credentials needed for robots to perform their automated functions.  In addition, CyberArk can ensure that the credentials are rotated in…

IPSoft’s IPcenter

The CyberArk Application Identity Manager™ integrated with IPSoft’s IPcenter enables organizations to secure and rotate credentials used by IPcenter to monitor and automate infrastructure in a client environment….

Blue Prism

The CyberArk Application Identity Manager™ integrated with Blue Prism provides secure and managed credentials to implement processes by Blue Prism robots. Credentials are rotated based on an organization’s security policy….

UiPath Orchestrator

The CyberArk Application Identity Manager integrated with UiPath Orchestrator delivers a secure means for robots to operate using Windows login credentials that are secured and managed by the CyberArk solution….

Venafi Trust Protection Platform™

CyberArk Application Identity Manager integrated with Venafi Trust Protection Platform™ helps organizations strengthen their machine identity protection by securely storing and managing privileged credentials used by Venafi. The Venafi Trust Protection Platform™ uses secure credentials…