Velocity Day 1 – Recap, Refresh, and Recaffeinate!


June 25, 2014 | DevOps | Kevin O'Brien


Conjur – Velocity 2014 Santa Clara

Conjur had a fantastic first day at Velocity Santa Clara!

The conference started small on Tuesday morning, with plenty of time to meet fellow attendees in the more intimate group settings of the breakout sessions. Kevin and Elizabeth started on different tracks; some of their notes from the field:


I joined Andrew Shafer’s “How Did Your Organizational Learning Game Come Up?” and it was fantastic! The session was three hours long, and unlike other sessions where the audience just sits passively as people talk, Andy kept things very interactive. We were asked to walk around, get into small groups, thumb wrestle, and perform team juggling with our new friends! I was able to connect with folks from a wide variety of organizations, and it took some of the edge off meeting and talking to unfamiliar faces.


I attended the “Battle-tested Code Without the Battle – Security Testing and Continuous Integration” and “Introduction to Docker: Containerization Is the New Virtualization” sessions, which were both technically deep and very informative, covering the ins and outs of some of the coolest front-line tech in the DevOps world. I also really enjoyed the Chef Hack-a-thon! We took the afternoon off to organize ourselves and our schedules, and then returned to the conference for the Poolside Mixer, Ignite Velocity, and the Late Night Reception. We were out until 2am PST chatting with our new friends (in other words, Conjur’s Late Night Reception presence was brought to you by caffeine).

Kevin’s insights into winning friends and influencing DevOps people at Velociy.


We are excited to see what Wednesday will bring! Both Kevin Gilpin (CTO and co-founder @kegilpin) and Elizabeth Lawler (CEO and co-founder @ElizabethLawler) will be on the show floor, in sessions, and out and about all day Wednesday. Come say hello, or let us know if you’d like to meet up.

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