We are focused on reducing our impact on the environment and incorporating sustainability into our business practices.  The management team has committed to conduct an initial Environmental risk analysis discussion based on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), which we will outline in more detail next year.

Environmental hero


Engage and work together with our people and communities in taking actions that promote a stronger, healthier planet.


Engagement and Awareness

Engaging employees on key initiatives can be a key to long-term success. Green Spirit Challenge encourages employee behavior and local Green teams plan and help carry out initiatives.

A Sustainable Future

Measurement and Action

In 2022 we completed a Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions inventory to establish a baseline. Additional actions we are taking include; data center planning to reduce our footprint, implementing a CyberArk forest program and achieving green bureau certification, an external third-party analysis of our programs.


Lowering Carbon Footprint

Reducing Data Center Space

Sustainable Office Solutions


Championing the environment means we take action. Together we can make a difference!

Cloud Efficiency

Cloud Environmental Efficiency

Our data center strategy of running most of our IT infrastructure in the public cloud reduces our total environmental impact.

Emission Reduction Initiatives

From installing energy-efficient HVAC systems to reducing travel to having onsite charging stations for electric vehicles and providing e-bikes for local transport — CyberArk focuses on environmental responsibility.

Emission Reduction

Green Initiatives

Green Teams Spring Into Action

Our Green Teams lead the way in employee education, exploring and enabling initiatives to keep our business environmentally sustainable.

Platinum Level Member of the Green Business Bureau

The Green Business Bureau helps businesses worldwide validate and improve their sustainability efforts. In the US, CyberArk is a Platinum Level Member, celebrated for its employee engagement that drives environmental sustainability.

Green Business Bureau logo

Plant a tree

CyberArk Forest

Aiming to balance our environmental impact, CyberArk is planting a tree for each new employee and enables our employees to plant trees as part of its employee recognition program.


Work with like-minded socially responsible professionals

Engage with executives to reduce our carbon footprint

Contribute to CyberArk as an environmental leader