Built for Security. Designed for Agility.

Now available for you: An enterprise-grade secrets management solution, tailored specifically to the unique infrastructure and agility requirements of native cloud and DevOps environments, aimed at helping organizations secure and manage secrets used by machines and privileged users throughout the DevOps pipeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did CyberArk acquire Conjur?

DevOps methodologies have disrupted the application development market, as well as IT operations. But along with the great benefits of speed and computing efficiency, come new security challenges and dramatic new attack vectors for cyber attackers and rogue insiders.

Well aligned with our mission for securing the heart of the enterprise, with Conjur technology CyberArk is now even better positioned to deliver an enterprise-wide solution that addresses enterprise security needs on Cloud, DevOps and on-premises, with the highest security standards, while not compromising on the agility and velocity needs of the DevOps delivery pipeline.

What are the benefits of bringing CyberArk and Conjur together?

The joint solution combines CyberArk’s strength as a trusted provider of leading-edge security solutions, and understanding of how attackers work and operate, with Conjur’s enterprise-grade security and capabilities for DevOps. The combined solution allows organizations to embrace Cloud and DevOps with maximum confidence. CIOs and CISOs can drive digital transformation initiatives while still anchoring security to their core trusted systems of record.

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