Uncover credential-harvesting risks on endpoints and discover user accounts that have local administrative rights

User accounts with local administrative rights provide a pathway to a company’s most valuable data.  This is why cyber attackers frequently target endpoint machines that have local administrative rights in order to gain access to an organization’s IT network.

This analysis tool will:

  • Discover user accounts and groups that are members of the local “Administrators” built-in user group on computers in your Windows domain.
  • Uncover those endpoints which are most susceptible to credential theft attacks from memory
  • Uncover passwords and derived credentials in the Windows LSASS that are vulnerable to common credential harvesting techniques
  • The scan will display the credential type that was found on various users from the target machine (password, hash or both)

This report identifies the vulnerabilities at endpoint machines and help you with the business justification for removing local administrator rights without disrupting business user productivity.

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