Discover privileged accounts, privileged passwords, SSH keys, and Pass-the-Hash vulnerabilities on your network

Gain visibility of the privileged account attack surface
Securing privileged accounts begins with locating all accounts, credentials and vulnerabilities associated with each account. CyberArk’s Discovery & Audit™ is a patent-pending, standalone, easy to use tool that exposes the magnitude of the privileged account security challenge. The non-intrusive tool provides a complete list of all privileged accounts on the network, privileged credentials including passwords and SSH keys, the credential status (strength, age, etc), and machines vulnerable to Pass-the-Hash attacks.

CyberArk Discover & Audit helps to answer questions such as:

  • On which network servers do privileged accounts exist?
  • Which accounts have escalated privileges?
  • Which privileged accounts are not in compliance with company policy? (i.e. password has not been changed in over 60 days)
  • Which machines and accounts on the network can be accessed using SSH Keys, and from where?
  • How many and which machines on the network are vulnerable to Pass-the-Hash attacks?

Take the first step toward securing your privileged account environment.
Run the CyberArk Discover & Audit scan today.