CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solutions: A Competitive Review
IDG Competitive Review
Privileged Account Security Vendors:
BeyondTrust, CA, CyberArk and Thycotic

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Protecting privileged accounts against the latest threats requires focused expertise and foresight. Rely on trusted experts when security matters most.


In this report, IDG reviews the current threat landscape related to privileged account security and evaluates the next gen feature set of four vendors.

  • Security, Recoverability and Auditability
  • Comprehensive, Flexible password rotation for users, apps, and DevOps
  • Privileged Account detection and prevention for on premises, cloud, and DevOps
  • Flexible and Scalable Architecture
  • Professional Service Offering
  • Integrations

Learn more and choose the best solution to protect privileged accounts everywhere – on premises, cloud and DevOps environments.


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