CyberArk Secrets Management – Where Security and DevOps Intersect
Secrets Management – Where Security and DevOps Intersect

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 at 17:00 CET  |  16:00 GMT  |  11:00 EST

Secrets Management – Where Security and DevOps Intersect


Featured speaker
Adrian Lane
Security Analyst – CTO





Secrets in unsecured files. An old problem now magnified by continuous integration and DevOps.


Running software requires credentials to access resources; to communicate with databases, to obtain encryption keys, and access other services. And with automation comes ‘hands-off’ operation where we neither need or want humans supplying credentials. But providing credentials securely is a challenge. For these reasons the need for secrets management within DevOps is driven by the need to rapidly deploy applications and services while reducing security risks throughout the DevOps pipeline.


This webinar will explain how Security and DevOps teams alike can work together perfectly within a DevOps operational model by:

  • Extending trust networks into a next gen I.T. environment without inhibiting the speed/velocity of the cloud and DevOps teams
  • Moving at speed while automatically securing and managing secrets used by privileged users and machines in dynamic DevOp environments
  • Understanding and selecting a secrets management platform

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