Partner Type: Reseller

Program Status: Platinum

For over 15 years, COMETA´s team is been focused on enable organizations to maximize the opportunities of the DIGITAL WORLD, implementing various mechanisms of DIGITAL TRUST, involving designing, marketing, operations, audit systems and solutions for leading organizations. This experience has allowed COMETA to implement security projects in the markets of Europe and Latin America. COMETA´s mission is oriented on protecting the four pillars of every digital interaction: Identities, Devices, Interfaces and Transactions, helping to set the NECESSARY level of TRUST for its customers processes and business requirements, using the next generation technologies of its strategic partners, like CyberArk, located throughout the LATAM region. For all the above, COMETA´s vision and principal business driver will always be setting the specialist technologies and services, experience, knowledge and relationships of COMETA´s technical team in the service of your organization.