Complete Enterprise Solutions (CES) is an Information Technology Service Provider and Value Added Reseller operating in the Southern African region. CES currently has operations in Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa.

CES has a vast amount of experience in providing IT solutions from small businesses to enterprise organizations, with our solutions and expertise aligned around our customers most valuable asset, data. We never compromise on security or availability, and allow for scalability and expansion so that when our customers are ready for the next level in terms of IT maturity, the initial investment continues to hold value. With companies spending up to ten percent of revenues to acquire technology hardware, software and services, companies are looking for more efficient and effective technology provisioning processes. The proliferation of products, services and vendors creates a constant challenge for companies to stay abreast of the technology landscape. Significant resources are spent researching, evaluating and selecting the right technology products, services and vendors. And once procurement decisions have been made, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to communicate, negotiate, contract with and manage.

We address critical enterprise challenges to help our customers:

  • Reduce time and expense in vendor research and evaluation;
  • Reduce productivity and operational efficiency;
  • Reduce and manage risk;
  • Optimize enterprise IT CAPEX and OPEX costs;
  • Augment business agility;
  • Increase product and services revenue;
  • Decrease time to market;
  • Enhance efficiency of vendor communication and escalation when required;
  • Reduce total cost of ownership;
  • Streamline management and execution of the total long term Information Technology strategy.

We reinvigorate strategy and processes, create agile solutions with vision and strategy, architecture, and design, and then we implement them. Our ability to innovate infrastructure makes information easily accessible and improves user experience. We work with our customers to consolidate and virtualize the infrastructure and move application workloads towards a cloud based strategy based on specific business requirements. We make sure that the infrastructure is secure, compliant, and flexible to meet all business requirements as they arise.

We provide a wide range of solutions to our customers around managing and securing data. The portfolio includes solutions around information management solutions, advanced data protection services, collaboration solutions, data center networking, data loss prevention, infrastructure management, virtualization, infrastructure security, mobile device management, and wireless and mobility.