Comtegra, as a leading IT systems integrator, is committed to supply best-in-class technology services and solutions by assisting our clients to achieve a goal, solve a problem or satisfy a business need. A key component for success is to ensure that IT solutions are aligned with the business. Thank to our well-prepared staff, Comtegra is able to accept the greatest challenges.

Comtegra offers a full range of IT services for small and medium enterprises, as well as for public administration institutions. We offer solutions in the scope of consolidation and virtualization of servers and mass storage memory. We provide solutions ensuring continuity and automation, disaster recovery, as well as a model of IT environment management – Cloud Computing. Comtegra also delivers mature security solutions based on experience and requirements of different business drivers.

Quality of Comtegra offering is identified through 15 years of market experience and a strong relationship with global IT leaders such as: Cisco, Citrix, CheckPoint, EMC, IBM, Intel Security, NetApp, Quantum, SAS, Symantec, Veritas, VMware.

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