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Kahuna Network Solutions provides security solutions from the border up to the heart of your network. We are continuously searching for new trends and needs in the market, in which the business requirements, demands and wishes of our customers stand as an important incentive. In the field of Network Security, Kahuna can also offer safe, available and managed technologies. Therefore, our credo: “Managing Security”.

In the view of Kahuna, organizations want to communicate openly with its environment and employees. Everybody wants to work in a safe, cost effective way, at any time or place. Because of this, we see a clear shift from the traditional information security to risk management. Thus, organizations are forced to know the risks, control them and keep them in balance with the objectives of the organization. Important preconditions are therefore integrity, availability and confidentiality of the data.

The specialists at Kahuna help organizations to bring and keep their information under control in a careful, reliable and continuous manner, where speed, security and availability are central focus points. Kahuna always strives for long-term relationships with both its customers and its employees. For a pragmatic attitude, Kahuna is a reliable partner, that anticipates, and where necessary, acts responsive to the needs of its customers and employees.

Kahuna has an ISO27001 certified Security Operations Center, where our consultants are one of the best in the industry. Special knowledge and expertise enables us to support our customers and reassure them that they will ‘stay in the air’.




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