NewCytech is one of the largest business information technology companies in Cyprus, offering innovative products and versatile services to clients covering a broad range of business. We offer an array of solutions that consist of products and services. We employ a ‘stakeholder approach” where vendors, NewCytech and over 1000 end customers align to produce continuous success stories. Through this approach we combine multiple skills, and undertake to fulfil integration projects with complexity.

NewCytech Business Solutions Ltd has the necessary infrastructure, advanced equipment, authorized Technical Department and certified personnel to meet the needs of its customers.

As a Solution Integrator, we use products and technologies from multiple vendors, and acting as the primary contractor, we manage the projects’ development until completion. Our structured support team maintains up-to-date skills to provide support for multiple incident levels (severity 1-4).

NewCytech Business Solutions Ltd is committed to provide continuous, quality and expert support and maintenance.




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