PT. Vistakom Infomedia


Incorporated in Jakarta in 2013, Vistakom Infomedia is an IT Project & Portfolio Management company providing our clients with an exceptional depth of resources within IT areas to deliver their IT transformation initiatives in achieving operational excellence in IT. A sound business strategy is essential to success but without disciplined execution, the same strategy renders little value. As an IT project management consulting firm, we help our clients succeed where companies often fail in implementation and execution of IT projects. We advise on and execute clients’ most complex initiatives so that they realize their desired results.
We understand the industry and have the robust experience to back it up. Our persistent focus is always on aligning IT operations with business objectives, an approach that recognizes the need to align IT with business needs, rather than attempting to align business with IT needs. From a best practices point of view, we are always aiming toward achieving operational excellence in IT. This calls for implementing a well-structured enterprise architecture supporting business needs with the appropriate levels of IT resources, governance and risk management.







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