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Securite takes its name from the alert used in aviation and maritime passage if a situation arises that requires assistance. The alerts are “pan-pan”, followed by “securite-securite” with the well-known “mayday-mayday” used if the situation presents an imminent threat to life. The overall information security of your organisation faces similar threat levels and can be categorised according to their risk. Securite is an InfoSec specialist and builds technology solutions to meet the specific risk that will strengthen and protect your overall security. We define our business into three discrete security layers – much like best practice advocated by experts and seasoned industry practitioners; Detect, Defeat and Defend

Multi award winning Securite has been providing security solutions for over a decade and is recognised by customers and industry leaders for our expertise, customer service and focus on protecting Australian Corporations and Government entities. Security conscious organisations appreciate our depth of understanding and our enviable list of tier-1 clients. The existential threat to commerce posed by unknown players and adversaries is constantly evolving. To counter this Securite invests in new solutions and technology to ensure that clients are prepared to deal with new threats as they emerge. If you are seeking a security partners who understands the business then Securite is your partner of choice.




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