Shenzhen Zero Day Technology Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2016, Shenzhen zero day Technology Co., Ltd. is a provider focusing on the next generation of security threat solutions for enterprises. It creates a complete set of security solutions for enterprises, and is also the pioneer of the next generation of security. With a forward-looking vision, it selects the cutting-edge security products most suitable for the market development direction, leading the new era of enterprise security.

Zero day technology is positioned as a high-tech security company. The company has a self-developed next-generation sandbox security engine that can provide enterprise security behavior analysis and protection. At the same time, it is also a complete security solution service company. The next generation security solutions provided by the company include network security, application security, terminal security, data security, cloud computing security, mobile security, penetration scanning, intelligence threat, user entity behavior analysis, big data, machine learning, cloud access security agent, DDoS cloud cleaning, etc. the company has special Industry and experienced security team can provide targeted threat protection and security consulting.




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