StoreNext specializes in setting up and providing electronic commerce solutions along with connectivity and integration services to different partners within an electronic trading community. StoreNext has extensive knowledge and experience in data transformation and integration to numerous ERP systems, each in its own data format, having established the country’s leading B2B e-commerce community.

StoreNext operates as an integration body, connecting retailers and other HUBs with their suppliers electronically, streamlining the flow of data and information, improving their understanding of market trends and optimizing the supply chain. An extensive part of the connectivity infrastructure used, is base on Cyber-Ark’s vaulting™ technology which has become an integral part of the supply chain for interchanging sensitive information, securely.

StoreNext operates an ASP (Application Service Provision) Cyber-Ark vaulting solution which provides a virtual domain / safes for the end-user(s). The virtual vault is accessed using web based / ADSL secure communication for the purpose of storing / transferring information. Thus, applications such as e-commerce, financial transactions (credit cards, checks, deposits, clearing…) and others, rely on Cyber-Ark’s vaulting™ technology for means of storing and retrieving information.

StoreNext’s retail community includes Israel’s leading supermarket chains, hundreds of independent retailers and independent supermarket chains. Over 1,500 suppliers of foodstuffs and other consumer goods are connected to the StoreNext network, and are linked to the major supermarket chains by a secure private network.

StoreNext is owned jointly by Retalix Ltd. (NASDAQ: RTLX) the Central Bottling Company (Coca-Cola Israel), IsraCard and the Discount Investment Corporation Ltd. (DIC).