You see a secure foundation. They see an open invitation.

Read the 5 top reasons why it’s time to put privilege first. »

You see airtight security. They see a clear path.

Read the 5 top reasons why it’s time to put privilege first. »

You see a secure system. They see gold.

Read the 5 top reasons why it’s time to put privilege first. »

Protect access to your most privileged accounts

Privileged accounts and credentials provide an unobstructed pathway to an organization’s high-value digital assets. In fact, nearly all of the most destructive cyber attacks this decade were executed by successfully exploiting privileged accounts.

Protection from advanced threats requires a complete layer of privileged account security, which means that privileged accounts should be secured regardless of where they reside – whether they are accessed by humans or applications:

Across the IT landscape in endpoints, servers and domain controllers
On premises or in the cloud

Businesses that fail to prioritize the security of their privileged accounts are at risk of becoming victims of a cyber attack—which can mean significant damage to business, reputation and even the ability to operate.

Here are a few recent statistics to consider:


Percentage of advanced attacks that exploit privileged accounts.1


Percentage of large enterprises that grossly underestimate the magnitude of their privileged account problem.2


Factor by which the number of privileged accounts in an organization exceeds the number of employees.3


Minimum number of dollars-in trillions-that cybercrime will cost businesses by 2019.4

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It’s time to put privilege first

5 top reasons to prioritize privileged account security today
1. Privilege is the road most traveled.

Privilege is the one constant in the cyber attack lifecycle: 100% of advanced cyber attacks involve the escalation of privilege.

2. Privileged accounts represent the express lane to your domain controllers.

If you lose control of your domain controllers, you've lost control of your business. Game Over.

3. Your security systems need to be secure.

Protect your security investments. Security systems are ineffective without privileged account security in place.

4. Single solution to protect against insider threats and external attackers.

Privileged account security protects against both insider and outside threats.

5. Securing privileged accounts is the first action following an attack.

To regain control of IT systems and structure and establish trust, organizations need privileged account security in place from the start. Be proactive - address privileged account security now when there is time to plan.

The threat is real—and present

Privileged account security—or the lack of it—is a major factor in nearly every headline-grabbing cyber attack, including these three recent high-profile examples:

The Bangladesh
Bank Heist

Cyber criminals embezzled money from the Bangladesh Central Bank. Using stolen privileged credentials, they ultimately ordered a total of 35 transactions worth $951mil. through the SWIFTNet systems.

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The Ukraine
Power Shutdown

Attackers breached electricity providers in western Ukraine. Using privileged access, attackers shut down power systems, corrupted and wiped systems throughout the IT environment. This created a massive blackout.

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The U.S. Office of
Personnel Management
(OPM) Data Breach

Attackers used stolen third-party credentials to escalate privileges and gain domain access on the OPM network. Highly personal information on 21.5 million employees and contractors was stolen.

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Secure privileged accounts with CyberArk

CyberArk is the only cyber security provider laser-focused on eliminating the most advanced cyber threats: those that use insider privileges to attack the heart of the enterprise. Dedicated to stopping attacks before they stop business, CyberArk proactively secures against threats before attacks can escalate and do irreparable damage.

CyberArk is trusted by the world’s leading companies—including 45% of the Fortune 100.

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It's time to put privilege first

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It's time to put privilege first

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