Cloud Security Use Cases – A Panel Discussion


Cloud environments contain privileged credentials in multiple layers – at the management console layer, the OS layer, the application layer, and the service layer. Therefore, it is important to employ a layered approach to protecting privileged credentials through the application stack. It is the responsibility of the cloud customer, not the vendor, to protect access to credentials and keys throughout the environment.

During this session we explain how to work with a multi-layered privileged account security solution to help mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to cloud environments.

Our panelist of CyberArk system engineers will provide insight related to the use case/business need, technical solution and lessons learned. Use case examples include:

  • Securing commercial SaaS applications
  • Secure cloud infrastructure (e.g., AWS Management Console)
  • Secure applications and other infrastructure (databases, OS, etc.) on public and private clouds

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