Embracing DevOps: What Security Teams Need to Know


We’ve all read about credentials exposed via GitHub and other repositories. It’s clear organizations have security blind spots in DevOps that need to be addressed. Developers want velocity and too often see security as getting in the way. Fortunately, there are ways for security teams to collaborate with developers. In fact, some developers already embrace security and want to ensure their CI/CD pipelines, and the applications, credentials and secrets used across containers, microservices and other resources are protected.

In this session, special guest, Forrester Senior Analyst Chris Condo, will help security professionals better understand the challenges developers face in the fast moving DevOps world. Elizabeth Lawler, CyberArk’s vice president of DevOps Security, joins Chris for Q&As to offer additional perspective.

Key take-aways:

  • An understanding of how DevOps expands the attack surface
  • Practical guidance on how security teams can get developers to embrace security
  • Guidance on how to help developers build secure applications without impacting velocity

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