ESAE Environments and Understanding Red Forest with CyberArk


Managing tier 0 assets and protecting against credential theft is demanding and difficult. Complicating that challenge is the fact that Microsoft has multiple solutions for account management including Local Administrative Password Solution (LAPS) and Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM).

CyberArk has designed practical solutions for administration of Enhanced Security Administrative Environments (ESAE) and has been deployed alongside ESAE to maximize security while eliminating pain points from both solutions.

During this webinar we’ll review:

  • The “problem” – managing tier 0 assets and protecting against credential theft is challenging
  • Why Microsoft’s approach to mitigating the risks (ESAE, PAW, tiered administrative accounts, SmartCard) adds administrative overhead and increases Total cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • The pure CyberArk approach to mitigating the risks (session isolation and monitoring, threat detection and analytics, tiered administrative accounts, MFA with dual channel RADIUS)
  • Next steps your organization needs to take

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