PwC and CyberArk: Is your Continuous DevOps Pipeline Continuously Secure?


Code fast, beat the competition to market, and make more money. This is the value of DevOps, but are you missing a step? Now that developer and operations teams have settled their differences to leverage countless containers, applications, and virtual machines, to move and produce at unprecedented scale and speed, do you still know who has access to these virtual machines and applications? Where are the secrets and credentials stored? Is your continuous CI/CD pipeline continuously secure? How would you know? PwC knows. And by attending this webinar you will learn from PwC’s experience garnered from years of working with clients to help them identify, design and deploy secure DevOps solutions. PwC’s experience in combination CyberArk’s dedication to privileged account security, brings the expertise you need to secure your DevOps pipeline, and stay in compliance without adding roadblocks to DevOps workflows.

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