Webinar: The Common Thread in the World’s Best Known Cyber Attacks

wbr-CommonThread-icon In every company, the number of privileged accounts exceeds the number of employees by at least 3x. For organizations like yours, this creates a constant and imminent risk of a cyber-attack. A successful attack on these privileged accounts can cripple your business and bring operations to a grinding halt.

Listen, as guest speaker Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President, Security Products and Services, IDC, discusses the importance of managing and securing your organization’s privileged accounts and the risks of not protecting your most valuable assets.

You’ll gain:

  • Lessons learned from some of the world’s best known cyber-attacks
  • Insight into the implications of not securing your privileged accounts; including remote vendor or third-party credentials
  • Valuable advice on getting buy-in and implementing a privileged account security solution as part of a comprehensive enterprise security program