Conjur Automates Secrets Rotation at Web-Scale

June 8, 2016 Andy Ellicott


Press Release:

New privileged access management functionality takes the risk and guesswork out of compliance

WALTHAM, Mass. – June 8, 2016 – Conjur, Inc., the digital business security software provider, today announced the availability of Secrets Rotation, Automation and Monitoring, providing clients with fully automated secrets management.

“Secrets” are credentials such as passwords and API keys that provide privileged access to IT systems. Secrets need to be changed, or “rotated” periodically, sometimes daily, in order to help prevent unauthorized access to systems.

Incorporated into the Conjur privileged access management software, Secrets Rotation, Automation and Monitoring offloads the secrets management burden from DevOps and software developers, and provides companies with a clear view into compliance with secrets rotation policies. Clients can simply log in to their Conjur dashboard to view the rotations and schedule and rotate on demand.

“Secrets management is a security best practice that absolutely requires automation given the scale and complexity of today’s digital business systems,” said Elizabeth Lawler, CEO of Conjur. “Without clear insights into when secrets are rotating, and confirmation that rotations have occurred without failure, it’s virtually impossible to confirm that you’re compliant – and that your information is safe.”

Secrets management is a critical aspect of security, but current solutions lack clear visibility into rotation history. Conjur alerts to rotation failures, and the intuitive user interface design makes it simple for clients to produce an audit trail to demonstrate compliance.

Secrets rotation is an element of security best practices, but managing it can be expensive when you’re talking about digital business systems composed of thousands of interconnected cloud instances, microservices, databases, and other system entities. With policy-driven automation of secrets rotation, a simple dashboard and clear insights into secrets management, Conjur is taking the risk and guesswork out of compliance, allowing clients to focus on delivering the best user experience to customers, rather than system administration and worrying about digging through data to produce proof of compliance.

Secrets Rotation, Automation and Monitoring is currently available to Conjur clients and integrates to secure a wide variety of legacy and cloud resources.

About Conjur

Conjur is privileged access management and security software for digital businesses, who need to secure access to the thousands of system resources that compose modern applications.  For enterprises that need to protect their infrastructure and ensure audit compliance and traceability, Conjur is the only solution with comprehensive identity and authorization for every cloud, VM, container, service, job and user. Conjur helps companies such as Netflix, Box, and Cisco solve critical operational, compliance, and security challenges that originate in modern automated infrastructure. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Conjur is funded by Avalon Partners and Amplify Partners. Visit  and follow @conjurinc on Twitter.

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