CyberArk at #RSAC: Privileged Threat Analytics, DNA and More at Booth #915

February 26, 2014 CyberArk

As we mentioned earlier this week, the CyberArk team is out in full force at this year’s RSA Conference. While we trust you are learning a lot of exciting developments in the world of IT security while at the show, it is our goal that you leave RSA with a better understanding of evolving advanced threats, and how to deploy our Privileged Account Security solutions to proactively protect, detect and respond.

Here is a little bit more about what is currently taking place at our booth (#915) in South Hall:

  • Live Demos: Our team continues to run product demos around the clock. While you can stop by to talk with our privileged experts and see our entire suite of privileged account security solutions, we’re highlighting two of our most recently unveiled products: Privileged Threat Analytics™ and CyberArk DNA™.
    • Privileged Threat Analytics™: Simply put, organizations need to leverage real-time, command level intelligence on what is being done during a privileged session. Come see how our analytics solution can detect malicious privileged account behavior AND disrupt in-progress attacks in real-time. Our solution is designed to detect a range of anomalies in the behavior patterns of individual privileged users in real-time, such as a user who suddenly accesses credentials at an unusual time of day. The demo will show how this is a strong indicator of malicious activity or severe policy violations such as password sharing.
    • CyberArk DNA™: We just launched v4 of CyberArk DNA last week—and we get excited every time we demonstrate how organizations can use the tool to easily identify and analyze all privileged accounts across their network. Most critically, however, we have been highlighting the use of DNA as a tool to detect Pass-the-Hash vulnerabilities. Since Pass-the-Hash has played a role in many recent and devastating breaches, DNA is designed to identify password hashes, locating all vulnerable machines on a network to provide the most accurate and reliable data about an organization’s risk exposure.
  • Theatre Presentations: Every 30 minutes attendees continue to swing by to see our detailed presentations on how to leverage all of these solutions to establish a comprehensive approach to Privileged Account Security. The presentation explains how CyberArk incorporates twelve years of innovation in privileged account controls, monitoring and analytics to help organizations protect against evolving, advanced threats.

Visit our schedule of events at RSA here and continue to follow us on Twitter at @CyberArk for more highlights from the show and booth!

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