KuppingerCole: “CyberArk is the One to Beat”

February 5, 2014 CyberArk

International analyst firm KuppingerCole recently released a new report evaluating 12 vendors in the privileged account security market.  The report, “Privileged Management Leadership Compass,” closely analyzed the product capabilities and innovation of these vendors to provide businesses with an overview of what they believe are the best choices for any evaluation of privileged account security solutions.

We’re proud to say that CyberArk was named the overall market leader in the privileged identity market – earning top markets for our product functionality, innovation and market reach.  The report provides a great guide for any business that is interested in securing privileged accounts.  A free copy of the report can be found here: https://www.cyberark.com/ppc/kuppinger-cole-lc-2014

Here’s a quick excerpt of what analyst Peter Cummings has to say about CyberArk in the report:

CyberArk is the one to beat in Privilege Management. They were a first mover in this field, and from inception CyberArk have been and still today is ahead of the field in Privilege Management…CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution has, for more than a decade, set the gold standard for Privilege Management and continues to be among the Leaders in this field.”

We’re truly honored to receive recognition of this nature.  As we’ve discussed many times, cyber attackers continually target privileged accounts – they simply can not perpetrate advanced attacks without stealing privileged credentials.  Analyst firms such as KuppingerCole understand this threat.  The report they’ve compiled validates the CyberArk approach to providing innovative, comprehensive and proven privileged account security solutions to our customers.

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