Top Security Tweets: Week of May 30

June 6, 2011 CyberArk

by Josh Arrington

At the close of each week we look back on the major happenings in the security industry and recap the hottest news in our “IT Security Rewind.” This week however, we decided to mix things up a bit (all this summer weather must be getting to our heads) and instead we’ve listed some of the thought-provoking topics that may not be making headlines but still have major implications for the security industry.

Since Twitter has emerged as an outlet for individuals to engage in conversation and share their opinions, this week we scoured the social channel to see what security industry influencers have to say. Below are some of this week’s Top Security Tweets from thoughts leaders like Josh Corman, Bob Rudis, Chris Nerney and Eugene Spafford. Did you see any other interesting Tweets that we missed? Feel free to add them below.

@joshcorman For the EleventyBillionth time. An APT is not a WHAT, but a WHO and a HOW. It is an ADVERSARY. FREE

@hrbrmstr What I would truly give a big chunk of budget $ for are infosec prods w/focused functions * *wicked-awesome* mgmt & reporting capabilities.

@RSAConference: Top five social media security threats (via @ChrisNerney)

@RobotSpaf: Why the bad guys are winning – Computerworld Blogs – Great list. I don’t agree with all of it, but 95% of it…

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