Idaptive Release 20.6

November 12, 2020 Stas Neyman

With release 20.6, CyberArk Idaptive supports the following new features:

 Single Sign-On

Cloud Directory users by email domain

You can now search Idaptive Cloud Directory users by their email address domain. Previously, you could only search users by their Display Name or Description when adding users to a role. Now, you can also search users by the domain name of their email address. For example, if your Cloud Directory contains users from multiple vendors, you can find all users belonging to the specific vendor by searching for that vendors’ email address domain. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Risk level drill down in the Admin Portal

You can now access events that contributed to the risk level of a particular user directly from the Idaptive Admin Portal. The risk level calculation leverages machine learning to autonomously analyze each user’s activity to determine typical behavior for that user and then continuously compute risk scores that signal the extent of anomalous behavior displayed by that user. With this feature, you can quickly identify high-risk users in your organization and examine specific events that contributed to users’ risk level. Simply select “Investigate User in UBA Portal” from the Actions drop-down menu for a particular user to be automatically taken to the historical view of users’ access events in the User Behavior Analytics portal.

Lifecycle Management

Custom user SCIM schema support

With this release, you can now leverage both the Core SCIM schema and Custom SCIM schema to provision users in the Idaptive Cloud Directory. Previously, Idaptive inbound provisioning of user objects leveraged Core SCIM schema, which supports a fixed set of user attributes. Now, you can also use the Custom SCIM schema to provision attributes that are not supported by the Core schema. For example, you can automatically provision users with experience_in_years or graduation_date attributes that are not included in the Core SCIM schema.

Additional features and improvements in the 20.6 release

  • Enhanced policy scripting: You can now use a script to enable a non-default authentication profile for an application.
  • Error message customization: You can now customize the error message end-users see when they do not have the required set of MFA authentication factors to login to the Idaptive User Portal or launch an application. For example, you can instruct users to submit a Help Desk ticket or contact IT.

For more information on the 20.6 release, please see Idaptive release notes.


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