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Attack Vectors Thwarted by Least Privilege on the Endpoint

November 30, 2020

Today’s IT environments must be able to balance strong security principles while ensuring operational efficiencies. Learn about attack vectors exploiting excessive privilege on the endpoint and how Least Privilege methodology can thwart these attacks.

In this webinar we will explain the key benefits of Least Privilege by: 

  • Reduce the risk of exposure to abuse or error by limiting super-user and administrator permissions with granular access control
  • Easily set, manage, and enforce least privilege policy with flexible policy definitions
  • Comply with regulations by proving to auditors that administrator privileges are managed, controlled, and secure
  • Enable end-user productivity while ensuring systems are secure by enforcing least privilege access policies in Unix and Windows environments
  • Ease administration with central management and provisioning of Unix accounts that are linked to Active Directory through the CyberArk platform with AD bridge capabilities
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