The Drawing Board: Identity Security - Use Cases

July 7, 2022

Nearly 80% of security decision-makers believe security has taken a back seat to business operations, as enterprises embark on high-stakes digital initiatives. Behind the scenes, identities are proliferating rapidly while in a continuous cycle of accessing sensitive resources – from data to infrastructure – through entry points and pathways that are vulnerable to attacks.

In this episode of The Drawing Board, you’ll learn how a holistic Identity Security approach can help organizations defend against threats. We’ll show you three “day in the life” examples of identities whose roles and responsibilities require access to sensitive resources in critical environments:

  • Identity 1: An app developer who codes in the cloud
  • Identity 2: A DevOps bot that performs automated tasks
  • Identity 3: A workforce user who works in web-based applications

With intelligent privilege controls at the center, Identity Security enables organizations to seamlessly secure access for all identities and flexibly automate the identity lifecycle, while providing continuous threat detection and prevention — all done in a way that enables Zero Trust and enforces least privilege.

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The Drawing Board: Identity Security - Overview
The Drawing Board: Identity Security - Overview

Learn how a holistic Identity Security approach centered on intelligent privilege controls can help organiz...

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