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How to Simplify Secure Access for Remote Users and Protect Critical Internal Resources

April 17, 2020

Of recorded breaches in 2019, nearly 400 were specifically traced back to third-parties resulting in 4.8 billion records being exposed. While the “average” breach results in roughly 2.1 million records exposed, those caused by third-parties averaged upwards of 13 million records per incident !

In addition to third party remote access, consider all of the recent events and trends that have lead to a rise in the remote workforce. Remote employees may require access to corporate servers, customer data, email, databases and other cloud-based applications from their laptops or mobile devices without directly connecting to the internal company network.

Business continuity must also account for situations that may require organizations to provide remote workers with controlled access to critical systems. Having manual and/or patchwork processes in place can dramatically increase risk as well as cause operational headaches for end-users and security practitioners alike. With a privileged access management (PAM) program in place, organizations can properly mitigate risks.

In this webinar and you will learn:

  • How to address the primary risks that remote third-party vendors and remote company employees with privileged access pose to your organization
  • How to simplify and automate secure access for remote users who require privileged access to the most critical internal resources


  • Chris Maroun, Global SE Director for Emerging Technology, CyberArk
  • Andrew Silberman, Senior Product Marketing Manager, CyberArk
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