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Zero Trust: How to Mitigate Risk From Remote Vendors With a Fast, Simple and Cost Efficient Way

July 21, 2020

Nearly every organization today relies on a wide variety of remote vendors who require access to critical internal systems. In fact, 90% of organizations have over 25 remote vendors accessing critical systems (Source: CyberArk survey 2019). Despite this reliance, though, securing these remote vendors has become an audit / regulatory problem as well as a major cyber concern.
Dealing with these issues today often involves a complex infrastructure with a variety of solutions. The end result? A cumbersome and expensive provisioning process for administrators and a challenging, unproductive process for end-users to navigate.
Join our webinar to find out more about CyberArk's innovative, modern approach to securing remote vendors, based on a zero trust framework. Biometric multi-factor authentication and "Just-In-Time" self-provisioning is combined into one SaaS offering, allowing remote vendors to access critical internal systems without the need of VPNs, agents or passwords. Attend to learn how to easily provision remote vendors while ensuring that access to key assets is achieved in a secure and automatically auditable way.

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