Implementation Services

CyberArk’s Implementation Services connect you with experienced cyber security professionals in order to fully plan, install and configure your Digital Vaulting solution. We offer a number of Implementation Service offerings to suit the unique needs of your enterprise’s security and IT environment.

Quick Start Package – 3 Days

This offering is designed to assist companies with standard implementations of CyberArk solutions within their IT environment. This package includes analysis of the target environment, collaborative planning with the organization team, CyberArk product installation and initial configuration.

In addition, the package includes training on the CyberArk solution, including sessions for end-users, System Administrators and also Vault Administrators. When working with CyberArk products, the Vault Administrator manages all aspects of the Vault application, including user management, safe management and data management.

In addition, the package includes detailed informational and operational training on the CyberArk solution, including sessions for:

  • System Administration
  • End-users of the solution
  • Vault Administration (The Vault Administrator manages all aspects of the Vault application, including user management, safe management and data management.)

This offering is ideal for standard, out-of-the-box implementations that do not require significant customization to integrate with existing processes and systems.

Premium Implementation Services

This offering is designed for organizations that require custom implementation, significant integration with existing processes and systems, population or uploading of the initial Vault dataset, or more in-depth training around specific elements or roles associated with the CyberArk solution.

Premium Implementation Services engagements include all of the elements of the Getting Started Package in addition to a custom program designed to meet the specific needs, requirements and environment of your organization and particular project.

With a Premium Implementation offering, customers can choose to leverage the expertise of CyberArk’s highly skilled team to streamline the internal project burdens by handling engineering, development and project management tasks for your customer project. These experts in Vault process automation can ensure that your solution is secure, efficient and fully integrated with your enterprise security environment, and meets and exceeds your expectations of the CyberArk solution.

Post-Implementation Follow-Up

As a key element of all of our implementation projects, following the deployment our Professional Services Engineer will maintain ownership of the project throughout the resolution of any remaining open issues pertaining to the deployment. Relevant aspects of the project, particularly those that pertain to product configuration, will be documented in writing for future reference. Once this is complete, the Engineer will follow-up with your project manager for a project completion “sign-off.” Finally, the Engineer will transition your relationship to CyberArk’s Support Team, which will work with you to quickly address and resolve any future needs.

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