Customer Course Offerings

PAS Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

The PAS Operation and Maintenance course is designed for new PIM administrators, provides hands on training on CyberArk’s Privileged Identity Management Suite including the Enterprise Password Vault®, Central Policy Manager and the Privileged Session Management Suite. Delivered in a dedicated lab environment delegates gain extensive hands on experience.

Partner Course Offerings

Privileged Account Security Fundamentals

The PAS Suite Implementation Essentials course provides a detailed overview of deploying CyberArk’s PIM/PSM/PTA solutions and discusses the concepts and best practices around managing and monitoring privileged accounts. Designed for partners that sell, implement and support the PIM and PSM suites, this course will provide sales tools and technical tools to a partner and ensure that the partner is certified for selling and implementing CyberArk’s Privileged Identity Manager and Privileged Session Management solutions.

The Privileged Account Security (PAS) Implementation Essentials On-Line Partners

The Privileged Account Security (PAS) Implementation Essentials On-Line Partners course covers CyberArk’s Enterprise Password Vault (EPV), Privileged Session Management (PSM), Application Identity Management (AIM) and On-Demand Privileged Manager (OPM) solutions. CyberArk Partners will gain hands-on experience in installing and configuring each component, using our step-by-step exercise guide and dedicated lab environment. Please see the on-line agenda for further details.

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London, Waterloo Schedule 2016

PAS Operations and MaintenanceFeb 14-15OnlineBST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
Advanced EPV &PSMFeb 20-23OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Fundamentals (In French)Feb 21-24FranceBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
CPM Plugin & PSM Connector DevelopmentFeb 27- Mar 2LondonBST (GMT+1)Customers / PartnersOpen
EPM FundamentalsFeb 28- Mar 1OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
Advanced EPV &PSMMar 13-16LondonBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsMar 20-23OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceMar 22-23FranceBST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceMar 28-29LondonBST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
CPM Plugin & PSM Connector Development (in English)Apr 3-6GermanyBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceApr 4-5OnlineBST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
EPM FundamentalsApr 19-20OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS FundamentalsApr 24-27OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
Advanced EPV+PSM (In German )May 3-5FrankfurtBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceMay 9-10London BST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
Advanced EPV &PSMMay 8-11OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
EPM FundamentalsMay 23-24OnlineBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceJun 27-28LondonBST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
PAS Operations and MaintenanceJuly 11-12OnlineBST (GMT+1)CustomersOpen
Advanced EPV &PSM (In German )July 19-21DuesseldorfBST (GMT+1)Customers/PartnersOpen